15 Tools for Easier Marketing

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of digital tools available that are great for anyone in the marketing world. Because there are so many options to choose from, we’ve narrowed down a list of our favorites so you can spend less time researching and more time creating!


Design Tools:  

      1. Canva: This tool is well known, but if you haven’t tried it, you should! With frequent updates, Updated frequently based on user feedback, Canva is constantly releasing new features such as AI images and templates.   

        1.  Visme: Like Canva, Visme allows you to create impactful designs with ease and publish them online to share with your audience. We enjoy using Visme for things like client proposals and end-of-year reports. Like most tools, there is a free version, but it is significantly limited.   

          1. ColorPick: Use this Chrome extension and stop saying, “What’s that color?” We love this tool because it’s easy, free and allows us to perfectly match brand colors for our clients! 

            1. Screen Recorder: Need to record a presentation or a website? Now you can easily do so with another one of our favorite Chrome extensions. Simply download, record, and save your video.  

              1. CapCut: Speaking of video, CapCut allows you to edit with ease and it’s completely FREE. Don’t spend hours making a video for social. With CapCut you can edit like a pro from your phone or computer!  

            Social Media Tools:  

                1. Meltwater: This is by no means one of the cheapest tools in our box, but valuable analytics and social listening capabilities mean the possibilities are endless. In addition to being a wonderful social listening tool, Meltwater also offers other solutions like consumer insights and brand management.   

                  1. TikTok Creator Marketplace: TikTok can be a daunting platform for companies to use. If you can relate to that feeling, you can use Marketplace to discover creators that align with your company and partner with them to promote your product or services. 

                    1. Social Blade:  Ever wonder what your competition is up to? Now you don’t have to. With this free tool, you can track stats on pages across all popular social media platforms.  

                  Copywriting Tools:  

                      1. Grammarly: Do yourself a favor and create an account with this free tool now. After you’ve done that, add it to your browser and it will proof emails, copy docs and daily correspondence. This tool will keep you professional and concise.  

                        1. Reddit: We’re sure you know what this social media platform is, but have you ever considered using it to research content ideas? Reddit is a great place to pick up on new ideas or trending topics. Not only that, but people tend to be more genuine so you can collect honest audience feedback.   

                          1. Copy.ai: There are a lot of AI copy tools out there, but Copy.ai offers a user-friendly option that is free to get started. It’s easy to use and offers a multitude of content templates you can use to get started today.  

                        Websites & SEO: 

                            1. Strikingly: If you’re new to web development and need a quick and affordable website, consider using Strikingly. Its interface allows you to start with a pre-built template and customize it as you see fit.   

                              1. BuiltWith: BuiltWith allows you to search any URL and see meta and technology profiles which will help you determine the CMS and domain registration. We use this tool when we’re working with a new client on a web project.  

                                1. Website Grader: Powered by Semrush, this free tool shows your important metrics on the website you’ve audited. Things like errors and site health will be shown so you can stay up to date on the health of your site.  

                                  1. Keywords Everywhere: This is another great Chrome extension that allows you to see metrics on keywords and queries you’re searching for. This extension is great to leave running in the background so you can conduct research and watch for trends throughout the day.    

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