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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – your brand is the face and personality of your business, especially when it comes to enticing and interacting with customers. It’s the

Google’s “Helpful Content” Update Is Not So Helpful To Small Businesses If you have noticed some big changes in your search engine placement recently, you’re not the only one. Google recently updated

It’s undeniable – digital marketing isn’t simply a trend but a cornerstone of business strategy for companies across a wide array of industries. Over the years, consumer habits have undoubtedly evolved, from

Why UI/UX Matters in Marketing Your Business In the ever-changing digital landscape, it’s no secret that target audiences’ attention spans are shrinking and industry competition is fiercer than ever. But the way

Grapevine Communications and Demand Exposure Merge! Bringing Together the Best! As a friend, we wanted you to be among the first to know about this exciting news: Grapevine Communications and Demand Exposure

Across every industry, there is a wide variety of businesses and competition between them is endless. Each company may have their own unique branding, value proposition or systems and processes. But, when

There will always be conversations about the future of marketing – the next hot trend, what strategies will endure another year, and which tools are destined to fall out of favor among

At Grapevine, our team loves hearing a good story – and we’re always excited to fully develop and implement them to work toward our clients’ marketing goals. But with an overflow of

It’s a new year, which means your company’s marketing strategy for 2024 will likely include fresh approaches and ideas. In our dynamic world, where everything from the digital realm to business is

In marketing, there is no greater endorsement of a company’s products or services than the words of its consumers. Testimonials offer a unique glimpse into the real-world experiences of people who have

The social media landscape continues to evolve each year, as demand for these platforms exponentially grows and new innovations arrive on an app market now valued at over $49 billion. In fact,

Across every industry, businesses are baking video projects into their marketing strategies. Digital content is increasing rapidly in popularity and the benefits are clear and wide-ranging, from the potential to boost sales

Do Keyword Rich Domains Impact Organic SEO? Spoiler: They only work if you avoid using redirects and they have quality content. In the realm of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), strategies evolve continuously

Culture – it’s the “personality” of a company, whether we’re talking about a small local business or large corporation. Just like humans, this personality varies with each business, encapsulating a company’s beliefs,

Over the past several months, you’ve probably noticed AI tools are the topic of conversation on social media. Take your pick – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn – odds are you’ll find

Many businesses invest significant time, effort and resources into creating campaigns that resonate with their target audiences and drive results. However, despite best intentions, many make common mistakes that hinder success. Check

Disclaimer: The following blog was generated by ChatGPT and edited by a member of our team. In the wake of AI popularity, we decided to let the popular application write its own

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of digital tools available that are great for anyone in the marketing world. Because there are so many options to choose from, we’ve narrowed down a

We answer a lot of questions from our clients about industry jargon and acronyms, so in the spirit of learning, we’ve compiled our very own marketing encyclopedia. Feel free to skip around

Video is the easiest (and most common way) your customers consume information. So, if it isn’t a regular part of your marketing, you’re missing out. Before you get scared and begin to