Sarasota Yacht Club Installs 10 Mini Reefs to Help the Ecosystem

Sarasota, Florida – July 30, 2020 – In support of its commitment to a clean marina, Sarasota Yacht Club is installing 10 mini reefs under its docks to help protect the Gulf and revitalize the ecosystem. SYC is the only local yacht club to install these types of artificial habitat systems, created and built by Florida-based nonprofit Ocean Habitats, Inc.

Sarasota Yacht Club Member David Marley brought the idea of installing mini reefs to the Club’s management team. “I view SYC as a great steward of the environment,” said Marley.

The structures are designed to mimic how mangroves interact with aquatic life. Each mini reef will develop a complete ecosystem starting as soon as it enters the water. The reefs attract water-filtering sea life that can filter up to 70,000 gallons of water every day, removing excess nutrients that can feed algae blooms like Red Tide.

“Artificial reefs provide shelter, food and other necessary elements for a rich diversity of marine life,” said Sarasota Yacht Club Commodore Hugh McIlrevey. “The mini reefs will lead to a healthier Gulf.”

Each “Mini Reef Plus” unit is four feet wide and three feet tall. It is made from polypropylene plastic and can last 500 years.

“The reef installations further the Club’s commitment to a clean and vibrant marina and to the protection of our most valued asset, our water,” said Sarasota Yacht Club GM/COO Karen Harmon.

About Sarasota Yacht Club
Founded in 1926, Sarasota Yacht Club is one of the original 13 members of the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs. Totally rebuilt in 2010, SYC is a private year-round yacht club rich in history that is a favorite port of call for reciprocal members from all over the world. SYC offers a great range of amenities for both yachting and social members who span all ages and professional experience. The Club has been recognized as a Distinguished Elite Club by Boardroom Magazine and recently designated by the Club Leaders Forum as a ‘Platinum Club of the World’ – one of only 50 private yacht clubs selected in the world. For information, contact Stephania Feltz at 941-365-4191 or

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