There will always be conversations about the future of marketing – the next hot trend, what strategies will endure another year, and which tools are destined to fall out of favor among professionals in our industry. Every year, count on someone to argue that email marketing is dying out. But ask our team at Grapevine, or the vast majority of experienced creative agencies out there, and the answer is simple: we’re just not seeing it. In fact, email marketing revenue was estimated at over $10 billion in 2023 alone.

Email marketing continues to be one of the most affective, bang-for-your-buck tactics for not only brand awareness but generating leads for your business, disseminating resourceful content, cutting-edge content about your industry, sharing company updates and so much more. And among many compelling statistics that Litmus Software released in 2022, for example, they found a massive ROI for email, with every $1 marketers spend typically translating to $36 in returns. While clickthrough rates for email marketing campaigns have decreased over the years, many other metrics and data points drive home the fact it’s still the king for capturing audiences, gaining conversions and sharing content. And here are a few ways we’ve found email marketing to be an effective tool for driving results – and traffic – to your brand.  

Customized For Your Needs, Personalized For Your Customers

Relationship building is not only the goal with any campaign, but also the objective with business in general – especially in our hectic world, where our attention spans keep us constantly moving onto the next “best thing.” Unlike social media or digital marketing, email allows companies to communicate directly with their audience on a regular basis, whether it’s bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly. And there are numerous tactics you can deploy, such as e-newsletters, triggered emails based on a user’s exploration habits or actions, abandoned cart reminders, and welcome emails, which are a personal introduction to a brand that’s garnered your interest.

Here’s an example of a simple welcome email that has stuck with me for months: Rare Carat – a marketplace for buying and comparing diamonds from wholesalers and retailers. I created an account (full disclosure, I got engaged), and promptly received an email from their Founder/CEO, Ajay Anand, with the subject line “Any advice?” and a message asking me for feedback on my experience browsing Rare Carat’s website. His marketing team almost had me, so props to the many companies who are creating excellent examples of creative email marketing campaigns.

A Direct Line of Communication  

Unlike social media or digital marketing tactics, email allows companies to communicate directly with their audience on a regular basis. With a pool of subscribers, businesses can customize messages that speak directly to their customers’ pain points or interests. In fact, Abmatic AI took a deep dive into the impact personalized touches can have on an email marketing campaign, particularly geared toward improving click-through and open rates. SmarterHQ also found that 72% of consumers exclusively engage with tailored messaging, creating a connection between brands and their buyers.

You Can Trace the Results

 Whether you’re running one campaign or several, email marketing allows for businesses to easily track and compare metrics for optimal results. Compelling subject lines and preview text are proven to work effectively to boost data points, like open rates. And, according to FinancesOnline, 64% of email users in a study said they decide to open or delete emails based on subject lines.

There are a number of metrics worth following, ranging from clickthrough and conversion rates to list growth and forwarding rates. With these data points at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions on how to move forward with your business’ campaigns.

A Way to Grow Brand Loyalty

Want to stay top-of-mind with your subscriber base? Email marketing is a great avenue for growing brand loyalty among your target audience. You’re not only sending out regular correspondence and targeted messaging but also driving how frequently customers interact with your business. With email marketing, it’s all about consistency in how often you choose to disseminate and the tone that aligns with your brand’s personality.

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